Company Performance

Outstanding Achievement in Performance — Company
For any performance(s) by a Bay Area company during the period of eligibility. Category may include performances in both new and old work.

2011 (2009-2010 season)

Janice Garrett & Charles Moulton –  The Illustrated Book of Invisible Stories, Garrett Moulton Productions, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Forum

2010 (2008-2009 season)

  • Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, 2009 San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, Weekend 3

2009 (2007-2008 season)

  • InkBOAT C(H)ord

2008 (2006-2007 season)

  • Jess Curtis/Gravity — Under the Radar

2007 (2005-2006 season)

  • San Francisco Ballet Artifact Suite, William Forsythe

2006 (2004-2005 season)

  • NEW STYLE MOTHERLODEJuke Joint, New Style Motherlode, at Project Artaud Theater
  • ONG DANCE COMPANYSagomu, Ong Dance Company, at Palace of Fine Arts

2005 (2003-2004 season)

  • Yaelisa and Caminos FlamencosMujeres, Yaelisa and Company

2004 (2002-2003 season)

  • Diamano Coura West African Dance Company in Wolosodown and Wango (Zakarya Diouf and Naomi Washington) at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater

2003 (2001-2002 season)

  • Jess Curtis/Gravity Physical Entertainment and fabrikCompanie in fallen at the ODC Theater
  • Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu in The Hulu Show (Patrick Makuakane), at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre

2002 (2000-2001 season)

  • Barbary Coast Cloggers in Appalachian Overdrive at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater
  • Robert Moses’ Kin for their entire season at the Gershwin and Cowell Theaters

2001 (1999-2000 season)

  • Axis Dance Company for their entire program at the Cowell Theater

2000 (1998-1999 season)

  • Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, Fault, choreography by Margaret Jenkins and Ellie Klopp

1999 (1997-1998 season)

  • San Francisco Ballet, Othello, chor. Lar Lubovitch

1998 (1996-1997 season)

  • Oakland Ballet, Bow Out, chor. Val Caniparoli

1997 (1995-1996 season)

  • Zaccho Dance Theater, Where Dreams Lie

1996 (1994-1995 season)

  • Dimensions Dance Theater and Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company, Common Ground

1995 (1993-1994 season)

  • Lines Contemporary Ballet, Ocean, chor. Alonzo King

1994 (1992-1993 season)

  • Contraband, Mira Cycle II, chor. Sara Shelton Mann

1993 (1991-1992 season)

  • Diata, Diata, Malonga Casquelourd, Artistic Director

1992 (1990-1991 season)

  • Ceedo Senegalese Dance Company, in performance at the 90-91 San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, Alassane Kane and Abdulaye Kiakate, Co-Artistic Directors
  • Contraband, Mira Cycle I, Sara Shelton Mann, chor. and Artistic Director

1991 (1989-1990 season)

  • Joe Goode Performance Group, Disaster Series, chor. Joe Goode

1990 (1988-1989 season)

  • Lines Dance Company, for ’88-’89 repertory performances, Alonzo King, Artistic Director
  • San Francisco Ballet, for Helgi Tomasson’s production of Swan Lake, Helgi Tomasson, Artistic Director
  • Wendy Rogers Dance Company, for its April ’89 season, Wendy Rogers, Artistic Director

1989 (1987-1988 season)

  • (OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION) San Francisco Ballet in New Sleep, choreography and decor by William Forsythe and lighting design by Mr. Forsythe in collaboration with David K. H. Elliott, commissioned by the San Francisco Ballet

1988 (1986-1987 season)

  • Oakland Ballet, for outstanding performances as an ensemble, especially their performances of the Diaghilev revivals.