Music / Sound / Text

Outstanding Achievement in Music / Sound / Text
For music, sound, or text created by or for a Bay Area individual or company that had its Bay Area premiere during the period of eligibility. From 1997 to 1999 these were separate awards.

2011 (2009-2010 season)

Abhinaya Dance Company and San Jose Taiko, music Synergy, Abhinaya Dance Company and San Jose Taiko

2010 (2008-2009 season)

  • Matt Lucas, Sandy Perez, Chris Walker –  Shango, King of Oyo, Obakoso Drum and Dance Ensemble, 2009 San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, Weekend 3

2009 (2007-2008 season)

  • Sean Feit- Sol Niger, Circo Zero

2008 (2006-2007 season)

  • Abbos KosimovShodiana
  • Under the Radar, team with musical direction by Matthias Herrmann — Under the Radar

2007 (2005-2006 season)

  • Sean Dorsey and Ben KesslerCreative, Fresh Meat Productions
  • Ken Goldberg, Randall Packer, and Gregory KuhnBallet Mori, San Francisco Ballet

2006 (2004-2005 season)

  • Copper Wimmin Spell, Dance Brigade, at SomArts

2005 (2003-2004 season)

  • Nanos OperettaSerei/Spirits of Nature, Harupin-Ha

2004 (2002-2003 season)

  • Reverend Markus Hawkins for music composition and performance, ElsewhereHere (Ledoh), at Noh Space

2003 (2001-2002 season)

  • Joan Jenrenaud for sound score, Be With (Anna Halprin and Eiko & Koma)

2002 (2000-2001 season)

  • John Santos for music, Union Fraternal (Robert Moses), for Oakland Ballet

2001 (1999-2000 season)

  • Krissy Keefer, text, Research/Phase I/Monk at the Met — a Community Performance Extravaganza (by Sara Shelton Mann, Krissy Keefer, et al.)
  • Marcus Shelby and the Marcus Shelby Sextet, music, entire 1999-2000 seasons of Savage Jazz Dance Company and RHJ 2000 (Robert Henry Johnson)


2000 (1998-1999 season)

  • Zakir Hussain, Who Dressed You Like a Foreigner?, choreography by Alonzo King, Lines Contemporary Ballet

1999 (1997-1998 season)

  • SoVoSo, Mother May I, chor. Robert Moses, Robert Moses’ Kin


2000 (1998-1999 season)

  • Remy Charlip, Internal Dance Number One, choreography by Remy Charlip, performance at the San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Dance Festival

1999 (1997-1998 season)

  • Kim Epifano and Rafael Vargas Benito, Calida Fornax


1998 (1996-1997 season)

  • Dorothy Moskovitz Falarski, in association with Jose Valle Chuscales, for composition, arrangement, and direction, Blood Wine, Blood Wedding, Theatre of Yugen and La Tania

1997 (1995-1996 season)

  • Beth Custer, Club Foot Orchestra, Maverick Strain, Joe Goode Performance Group
  • Miguel Frasconi (Director), Mark Growden, Michael Irvine, Alonzo King, Jim Santi Owen, Rita Sahai, Moses Sadler, Michael Ward, and Tim Witter, Sacred Text, Lines Contemporary Ballet

1996 (1994-1995 season)

  • Bernice Johnson Reagon, Rock, Lines Contemporary Ballet

1995 (1993-1994 season)

  • Pharaoh Saunders, Ocean (score), Lines Contemporary Ballet

1994 (1992-1993 season)

  • Neil Marcus, Art of Human Being
  • J.A. Deane, Interiors

1993 (1991-1992 season)

  • Rachel Kaplan, The Probable Site of the Garden of Eden

1992 (1990-1991 season)

  • Kenneth Nash, James “Frank” Holder, and Dana Nunez, Cycles, Kulintang Arts

1991 (1989-1990 season)

  • Bun Ching-Lam, EO-9066, in Trilogy, performed by June Watanabe In Company

1990 (1988-1989 season)

  • Richard Beggs, The Awakening, Oakland Ballet
  • Jay Cloidt (Sound Design) and Rinde Eckert (Text), Dry Land Divine

1989 (1987-1988 season)

  • Rinde Eckert and Paul Dresher, Shelf Life, Margaret Jenkins Dance Company

1988 (1986-1987 season)

  • Terry Allen (Sound Conception), Pedal Steal, Margaret Jenkins Dance Company
  • Rinde Eckert (Sound Conception), Religare, Contraband