Outstanding Achievement in Restaging, Revival, or Reconstruction

  • A restaging is a work previously produced by another company, set on a Bay Area company. (Example: Antony Tudor’s Echoing of Trumpets, restaged by the Oakland Ballet.)
  • A revival is a work previously produced by a Bay Area company, re-entering the repertory after an absence of three or more seasons. (Example: Jerome Robbins’s The Concert, last seen in 1988, revived in 1993 by the San Francisco Ballet.)
  • A reconstruction is a work that has been absent from the dance repertory for a significant period, usually long enough that it returns to active status through the use of notation, documentation, anecdotal evidence, and the memories of past participants. (Example: Bronislava Nijinska’s Train Bleu, reconstructed for Oakland Ballet from the choreographer’s original notation by Irina Nijinska and Frank W. D. Ries.)

2011 (2009-2010 season)

Sonya Delwaide – “Lettre a Jos” from Je Me Souviens, Sonya Delwaide at ODC

2010 (2008-2009 season)

  • Flemming Flindt, Vivi Flindt, Raymond RodriguezThe Toreador, San Jose Ballet, by Flemming Flindt after Auguste Bournonville, Royal Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark (1978)

2009 (2007-2008 season)

  • Donald MahlerDark Elegies, Company C Contemporary Ballet, by Anthony Tudor (1937)
  • Zenón BarrónDanza del Venado, Ensambles Ballet Folklórico de San Francisco, by Amalia Hernández (1959)

2008 (2006-2007 season)

  • Miguel SantosMisa Flamenca, Theatre Flamenco

2007 (2005-2006 season)

  • Anna Halprin, revival Dressing and Undressing and A Paper Dance, excerpts from Parades and Changes, Anna Halprin and Group

2006 (2004-2005 season)

  • Jean-Pierre Frohlich and Eliyse BorneDybbuk, San Francisco Ballet, at War Memorial Opera House>

2005 (2003-2004 season)

  • Wendy Ellis SomesSymphonic Variations, Sir Frederick Ashton, San Francisco Ballet

2004 (2002-2003 season)

  • Carla Maxwell/Limon Dance Company for restaging of Psalm (Jose Limon), at the Cowell Theater

2003 (2001-2002 season)

  • Shelly Senter for the reconstruction of phrase material from Foray Foret and Glacial Decoy (Trisha Brown)

2002 (2000-2001 season)

  • Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley, for restagings of Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder (Donald McKayle) and Gaite Parisienne (Leonide Massine)

2001 (1999-2000 season)

  • Natalia Makarova, Kingdom of the Shades from La Bayadere (Marius Petipa), San Francisco Ballet

2000 (1998-1999 season)

  • Marni Thomas, Diversion of Angels (Martha Graham), University Dance Theater, University of California, Berkeley

1999 (1997-1998 season)

  • San Francisco Ballet, Liebeslieder Walzer (George Balanchine), staged by Karin Von Aroldingen and Sara Leland
  • San Francisco Ballet, The Cage (Jerome Robbins)
  • Arturo Fernandez, A Day in the Life of a Ballerina (Arturo Fernandez)

1998 (1996-1997 season)

  • San Francisco Ballet, Sergeant Early’s Dream (Christopher Bruce, first performed by Rambert Dance Company)

1997 (1995-1996 season)

  • Oakland Ballet, Bolero, staged by Nina Youskevitch

1996 (1994-1995 season)

  • Marina Eglevsky, Balanchine Ballets (Minkus Pas de Trois, e la Franoais, Harlequinade Pas de Deux, Valse Fantaisie), Diablo Ballet

1994 (1992-1993 season)

  • Oakland Ballet, Nothin’ Doin’ Bar (Willam Christensen)

1993 (1991-1992 season)

  • Oakland Ballet, Echoing of Trumpets (Antony Tudor)

1992 (1990-1991 season)

  • Oakland Ballet, Petrouchka (Michel Fokine)
  • Remy Charlip for the retrospective of his work at the Bay Area Dance Series

1991 (1989-1990 season)

  • Oakland Ballet, Le Train Bleu (Bronislava Nijinska)

1990 (1988-1989 season)

  • San Jose Cleveland Ballet, Three Virgins and a Devil (Agnes De Mille), and The Green Table (Kurt Jooss)